As there is too many different maps/systems and versions these days, we decided to make it easy for you.

-----------------------------------------CCC 2003-2009------------------------------------------

Below you will find a simple solution to check what system you have and thus which update to order.

is your car a DVD based navi system which requires the navi dvd to be loaded for operating?

Your car is built between 2003 and 2009 and has the I-Drive system,

if you have a dvd and a cd slot in the front then your system is Professional, top of the page select CCC then go to Professional 2015.

If you have only 1 cd/DVd slot in the front then you have the Business system, Top of the page select CCC then go to Business 2015.

if you have the disc in a reader in the trunk/boot with DVD logo written on it then you have the HIGH system, op of the page select CCC then go to High 2015.

-------------------------------------------CiC and NBT 2008-2015---------------------------------------------

This is for the harddrive  navigation system, with an I-Drive 2 controller with 6 buttons arround it.

SYSTEMCHECK BY VIN NUMBER click here (Only for the harddrive based systems from 2008 and up)


Go into the navigation, press option button next to your controller, scroll all the way down to "Navigation data Version"

In the screen you will find your version which should like this :  "Roadmap Europe Premium 2011" Premium is your system !